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Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the Ice

We made it to the ice a couple of days ago on a spectacular C17 flight.
The weather has been getting worse ever since we got here, so all flights to the South Pole have been cancelled, and no more flights from New Zealand have been coming in.  Temperatures have been hovering around 10 F (-10 C) and a very thin snow has been coming down steadily.
That has not prevented Yens and me from walking all the way up Observation Hill (~750 ft elevation) after lunch yesterday, and then walking to Scott base (the New Zealand base - located 2 miles from McMurdo) after dinner.  In between our walks we found the time to stop by the Crary Lab, where Karen gave us a tour of the marine science lab and showed us some incredible Antarctic rocks and fossils.

On the C17 flight from ChristChurch to McMurdo.

View of Antactica from the C17.  We are around 70 degrees latitude South.

Landing on the sea ice of McMurdo sound.

McMurdo seen from the top of Observation Hill.

A sea anemone at the Crary Marine Science Laboratory.

Scott Base - the New Zealand station 2 miles from McMurdo

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