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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Storm at the South Pole

I wanted my first pictures from the South Pole to show dark blue skies, like we often see in the official photographs, but the weather has not cooperated.  So, with no hope of a clearing for a couple more days, we decided to bundle up and brave the elements for a group photo with the techs who have spent the last winter here at the pole, before they leave the ice and we, new techs, take over. 

The South Pole Science Support group at the geographic South Pole (marked by the pole on the left side of the picture).  From left to right: Nick, incoming Cryo Tech, holding an empty liquid nitrogen dewar; Ethan, outgoing Space Weather Tech; Al, South Pole Science Manager, here for the summer months only; Flint, outgoing Cryo Tech, and Marcopolie (me), incoming Space Weather Tech.  The station is the black building in the background.

I had so much fun out in the storm that I went back with Owen (on the right in this picture) and Dan (taking the photo) for some more.  20 knots of wind make the flag show really well in this photo, but holding the sign straight takes all our effort.  The strom has also brought higher temperatures.  When we took this photo the temperature was a balmy -15 F (-26 C).

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