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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ChristChurch, NZ

I always thought that California is the most beautiful place in the world outside of the European Alps ... until I landed in New Zealand yesterday.  And I always thought that Santa Cruz in California is the best town to live in ... until I saw ChristChurch.

We arrived in ChristChurch yesterday afternoon after 17 hours of flying and 30 hours of travel (my longest ever).  The most important thing is that my bicycle made it to its final destination in one piece in spite of 1 train trip, 5 plane rides, 2 shuttle transfers, and 2 customs inspections.  It is now being stored at the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC) in ChristChurch, waiting for me to pick it up when I come out of the ice next year.  Today we went to the CDC and we were given 3 big bags of warm clothes, including the very famous red parka with the Antarctic logo.

Yesterday and today I tried to soak in the grass, the flowers, the water, and the ducks at the botanical garden, before those views are taken away for the next thirteen months.  I took loads of pictures, so I will have something to look at in case I become nostalgic in the middle of the Antarctic night.  I also enjoyed two wonderful runs in the large and beautiful city parks.

Tomorrow morning we need to check-in at 6:30 AM for the C17 flight to McMurdo.

The Botanical garden in ChristChurch

Good Bye rivers, flowers, animals

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