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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Running and skiing trails

My friend Jason asked me about the whereabouts of my running and skiing paths and I promised him to answer with a blog, so here it is.  The pilots of a NASA plane that flew over the station last month took a picture from the sky and were so kind as to email it to us.  I overlayed my running and skiing paths on this photo to produce a map of our surroundings.
Aerial photo of the station taken from 30,000 ft, with my running and skiing paths shown overlayed.  The run path follows the skiway, which can be seen as a faint line.

A photo taken at the top of the ski loop.  The halo around the sun is real and is a diffraction pattern produced by ice crystals in the air.  Different shapes of crystals produce different types of patterns.  This photo was taken during one of our ski club outings, on Dec 1, with Zoe on the left, and me on the right.


  1. Ciao Marco

    Buon Compleanno!!! E calorosi auguri!



  2. Thank you !
    Fantastic photo and your route.

    It actually seems really dangerous to do the run alone. What are the safety procedures?

    Do you take a GPS on the run or is it easy to stay oriented on directions?